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La Crosse at Partshelf Mall Security Policy
Is it safe to place an order here?  Probably safer than going to the store.

  Your first concern should be "Who Are We?".  For the full story, check out "About Us" above.  This La Crosse Technology store is owned and operated by Inc. Inc. owns and operates a number of five star "Top Service" YaHoo Stores, the best rating YaHoo gives, with over 20,000 orders filled, and high ratings from our customers.  A YaHoo five star rating is not easy to earn, or keep.  

Your second concern should be "Who am I dealing with, and how secure are they?".  When you place an order with our La Crosse Technology Store, there are three major entities involved. 

Our store is hosted by YaHoo Shopping.  They are among the best, if not the best in the business.  You enter your order by filling out pages sent down by YaHoo.  All personal data is encrypted (scrambled by a mathematical formula) by a program running in your computer before it is sent over the internet.  Only YaHoo has the formula to de-scramble it.  Anybody on the internet trying to monitor your data will not have the key to de-scramble your data, so all they will see is scrambled data.  There is virtually no risk transmitting the data.  This is far safer than giving out your charge card number over the phone, and safer than handing your card to a stranger or having card imprints left behind.  Once YaHoo receives the data, they make data available to our charge card merchant service, Wells Fargo, and to us here at Inc, the owner of this store.

Wells Fargo is a very large charge card merchant service.  They service both online merchants and stores.  Their process is the same for online stores and physical stores, they are equally secure.  They have a very good record on security issues.

YaHoo makes the data you enter available to us here at Inc. over a secure encrypted and password protected data link.  We do not download your charge card data to our network.  We don't need it, as we let Wells Fargo handle those matters.  Financial data security is not an issue here.  We do keep records of the transaction, with the customers name, address and phone number, for shipping and warranty purposes.  This data is kept only on machines that are behind firewalls, they are invisible to the outside world.  For details about what we do with your name and address, please see the Privacy Policy for details, but rest assured, we don't sell it, share it, or give it to anybody.