La Crosse Technology WT3101C2 White 10" Analog Atomic Wall Clock



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La Crosse Technology WT3101C2 10" White Plastic
Analog Atomic Wall Clock

La Crosse Technology WT3101C2 10" White Analog Atomic Wall Clock

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The La Crosse Technology WT3101C2 analog atomic wall clock is all-white in color and has highly readable numeric hour and minute/second markers. This analog atomic wall clock's 10-inch (25.4cm) diameter is perfect not only for the home but for business applications where a larger size would look out of place.


  • Accurate to 1 second per million years
  • Sets automatically to WWVB radio signal
  • Pushbutton selection of all four U.S. mainland time zones
  • Automatically adjusts for daylight savings time
  • Manual time-set capability for use anywhere outside the WWVB signal range
  • White face and surround for an exceptionally clean, contemporary look
  • Low battery indication via 2-second steps of second hand
  • Powered by one AA alkaline battery, with normal life of over 1 year


  • Diameter:
    10 inches (25.4cm) overall
  • Depth:
    1.5 inches (3.8cm)

Note: This unit has atomic clock functionality.  The atomic clock can receive time broadcasts from the U.S. Atomic clock transmitter in Colorado, and synchronize itself to the U.S. Atomic clock every night.  As long as the signal is strong where the atomic clock is located, the atomic clock will maintain accuracy to a fraction of a second, and reset itself for daylight savings time (unless you choose to disable the DST function).  However, if the atomic clock is located where the signal is poor, due to metal in the construction of your building blocking the signal, or due to electrical interference from nearby electrical appliances or computers, then the atomic clock may not always receive adequate signal.  Under these conditions, the atomic clock may still synchronize occasionally, when weather conditions are ideal, or may need to be set manually.     

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