La Crosse Technology 801-393O Atomic Tambour Mantel Clock, Oak



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La Crosse Technology 801-393O Analog 
Atomic Tambour Mantel Clock in an Oak Finish

The La Crosse Technology 801-393Os have the looks of traditional tambour mantle clocks, with the accuracy of modern atomic clocks.  The woodwork is beautiful, the clock face is traditional, yet this atomic clock never needs winding, and it's always correct*.

La Crosse Technology 801-393 Tambour Clock, Oak

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The La Crosse Technology 801-393O looks truly elegant with its traditional styling, real wood case, off-white dial with black hands and numerals, and beautiful medium oak finish that shows off the oak grain perfectly.

Nicely sized at just over 19 inches wide by 8 inches high, this clock is perfect for traditionally decorated homes and offices. (And, hey, just because it's called a mantel clock doesn't mean you can't use it on a shelf or bookcase!) 


  • Incredibly accurate (to 1 second per million years)

  • Sets automatically to WWVB radio signal

  • Pushbutton selection of all four U.S. mainland time zones

  • Automatically adjusts for daylight savings time (DST can also be manually disabled)

  • Receives WWVB signal in all of continental U.S. (the "lower 48") and much of Canada

  • Manual time-set capability for use anywhere outside the WWVB signal range

  • Real wood case, off-white face, traditional black numerals and hands, and a beautiful medium oak finish for a look of classic elegance

  • Low battery indication via 2-second steps of second hand

  • Powered by one AA (1.5V) alkaline battery (not included), with normal life of over 1 year


  • Height:
    8-1/4 inches (21.0 cm)

  • Width:
    19-1/4 inches (48.9 cm)

  • Depth:
    2-1/8 inches (5.4 cm)

*La Crosse Technology radio-controlled ("atomic") clocks calibrate themselves  to the world's most accurate clock every night by receiving WWVB radio transmissions. These transmissions contain time information from the U.S. atomic clock source, operated by the U.S. Commerce Department near Boulder, Colorado. The built-in antenna ensures reliable signal reception up to 2000 miles (3200km) from the WWVB transmitter.

Note: The 60kHz AM radio signal used by NIST to deliver the time information carries best at night. The signal may be interfered with by weather conditions and local interference. Building construction and location within the building can also affect reception. This clock is quartz controlled and will keep very good time for days when reception is poor, so this isn't normally a problem. You may find, however, that when you first insert the batteries, or during a Daylight Saving Time change, the clock will not be able to set itself immediately if reception is poor. Wiring and plumbing in your walls can affect reception, moving the clock as little as a couple of inches can make a difference in the strength of the signal reaching the clock.

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