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La Crosse at Lacrosse-Psmall Return Policy

  If you are having a problem with a product:

La Crosse Technology products do not fail often.  We have found that a large percentage of potential returns are not defective at all.  There are two main causes of these misunderstandings:

Atomic Clock Setting:  The clock information signal the government transmits carries best at night.  It can be affected by weather and radio frequency noise from other sources.  When first powered on, atomic clocks must receive a clear signal for four minutes to achieve their initial setting.  After the initial setting, only one minute of clear reception is required to maintain accuracy.  For that reason, you may have to put the batteries in your new clock and place it in a window facing Colorado overnight to achieve the initial setting.  In extreme cases, when weather conditions are unfavorable, you are a long way from Colorado, or you are receiving interference from other electronic devices,  it could take a few nights to achieve the initial setting.  

Wireless Weather Products:  The frequencies used for wireless weather products are also used for many other common devices, from cordless phones to garage door openers.  The remotes for the wireless products transmit a signature that the console must recognize and lock on to.  The console listens for a signature when it is first powered on.  If the remote is not operational when the console is powered up, the console will not find it's remote.  The remote must be powered up first.  You may need to remove the batteries from the console, put them back in, and not press any buttons for up to three minutes to sync them back up.    

If your product is still non-functional, you can visit the La Crosse Technology website, for support information.  They have a technical support staff available from 9-5 Central Time.  They prefer to handle product replacement directly.  If you cannot get the product resolved with the support people at La Crosse, then please Email us, or give us a call (we are not always near the phone, so Email is the preferred method).

If you received the wrong item:

We don't mess up often, but it has happened.  Please Email us for return instructions and a return authorization.  We can issue a call tag to have the unit picked up by UPS, or you can ship it insured Priority Mail from your Post Office to our P.O. Box and we will reimburse you for postage.  Please do not mail it to our warehouse address.  The warehouse is on a rural route.  The postman doesn't always come by while we are there, and he will not drop it off without a signature.  The package will likely be lost in the system for a while, and then return to you.   

If you have changed your mind and don't want the product:

Non-defective returned or refused products must be returned within 30 days, in as-new condition, with all parts and packaging intact.  When we receive them, we will verify that they are as-new, suitable for resale.  Non-defective returns are assessed a 15% restocking charge to compensate for the charge card fees and labor involved in processing the return.  If the product is resalable, 85% of the product purchase price will be refunded.  The shipping will not be refunded, as we cannot recover it.  Products that are not resalable cannot be returned for a refund.  If you return a product and we determine that it is not resalable, we will be glad to return it to you, as long as you pay the shipping.


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