La Crosse Technology WS7049UMAH Wireless Indoor Outdoor Thermometer, Hygrometer, Barometer, Weather Forecaster, Mahogany Finish



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La Crosse Technology WS7049UMAH Mahogany Finish Wireless Indoor Outdoor Thermometer, Indoor Hygrometer, Weather Forecaster & Quartz Clock

Wireless Remote Thermometer Thermometer Records and Displays Minimum and Maximum Temperature Clock Displays Time Thermometer Displays Indoor Temperature Wireless Thermometer Displays Outdoor Temperature Hygrometer Displays Indoor Humidity Weather Forecaster Displays Weather Forecast Thermometer Selectable for Fahrenheit or Celsius  
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Styled as an old-time bulb-type thermometer in a wooden case, the La Crosse Technology WS7049U home weather station is a thoroughly modern basic weather instrument that requires no external wiring. Just install the included remote thermometer sensor/transmitter and get both outdoor and indoor temperatures along with indoor humidity (based on the internal hygrometer), an accurate weather forecast (based on the internal barometer), and the time of day. Wireless indoor outdoor thermometer & humidity. 

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  • Precise quartz LCD digital clock with 12-hour time display.
  • Indoor humidity is displayed as RH%.
  • Both indoor and outdoor temperatures are displayed in F.
  • Outdoor temperature display via TX6U wireless remote thermo sensor/transmitter (one is included).
  • Station works with up to three remotes (additional remotes are optional and must be ordered separately).
  • Minimum and maximum recorded temperatures are available at the push of a button.
  • Three weather icons plus a barometric pressure tendency arrow for forecasting purposes.
  • Station can be wall mounted, or attach the included stand and place the station on a shelf, desk, or table.
  • Station is powered by two AAA alkaline batteries, with normal life of about 1 year (low-battery indication provided)
  • Remote temperature transmitter is powered by two AA alkaline batteries, with normal life of about 1 year

  • Indoor temperature measuring range:
    32 to 104F with 0.2F resolution
  • Outdoor temperature measuring range:
    -21.8 to 157.8F with 0.2F resolution
  • Indoor humidity measuring range:
    19% to 95% with 1% resolution
  • Temperature checking intervals:
    Indoor: every 10 seconds
    Outdoor: every 5 minutes

  • Transmission distance:
    82 feet (25m) maximum
  • Station dimensions:
    2.95 inches (75 mm) wide
    10.03 inches (255 mm) high
    0.82 inch (21 mm) deep
  • Remote transmitter dimensions:
    1.57 inches (40 mm) wide
    5.04 inches (128 mm) high
    0.9 inch (23 mm) deep

La Crosse Technology WS7049u-mah, wireless indoor outdoor thermometers, barometers, hygrometers, home weather stations, wireless weather stations, weather instruments, weather forecaster, on sale, gifts. La Crosse ws7049u wireless indoor outdoor thermometer and weather station with barometer, hygrometer from lacrosse technologies weather instruments.

The WS7049U weather station, with its internal hygrometer and barometer, displays both indoor and outdoor temperature plus indoor humidity. Also displayed are a weather forecast icon and, if the barometric pressure is changing, a pressure tendency arrow. The weather station's integral clock is a highly accurate quartz LCD clock (not an atomic clock). Compact in size, the weather station is housed in a handsome case of real wood with a fine-grain mahogany finish (which explains the -MAH suffix in the part number).

With the included TX6U wireless remote thermometer sensor/transmitter,  you won't have to run any wires to get the outdoor temperature reading. The weather station keeps a record of the minimum and maximum outdoor temperatures it has recorded, and these are available at the push of a button.  Install up to 2 more thermometer remotes (optional), and get remote/outdoor temperatures from additional locations.  The TX6U (the one included with the station) reports outdoor temperature. The TX3U both displays and reports outdoor temperature. The TX3UP senses temperature via a probe for use in pools, spas, etc.

The weather station's weather-forecasting feature senses barometric pressure over time and displays the proper indicator icon to provide an accurate weather forecast based on pressure trends. Also displayed are Up and Down arrows to indicate rising and falling barometric pressure trends (no arrow indicates steady pressure).

Although the La Crosse Technology WS7049U home weather station is small in size, its LCD displays are quite large for easy viewing.  With its internal thermometer, hygrometer and barometer, plus its remote thermometer sender, the WS7049U can provide a lot of information. 

With its good looks, real wood case, and a nice array of features, the WS7049U may just be the perfect basic home weather station. If you would prefer the same station in a natural finish that shows off the wood grain, please check out the WS7049U-NAT on this website.

Lacrosse technologies is a maker of weather instruments and home weather stations.  The ws7049u wireless digital indoor outdoor thermometers have internal hygrometers, barometers, weather forecasters and digital clocks.


One TX6U comes with this unit.  Additional TX6U, TX3U and TX3UP remotes may also be used with this unit, up to a total of 3 remotes.

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La Crosse Technology TX6U Remote SensorLa Crosse Technology TX6U Remote Sensorpad
The La Crosse Technology TX6U is the more common remote temperature only sensor for the La Crosse Technology weather instruments. The La Crosse Technology TX6U does not have a display of its own. The TX6U uses 2 AA batteries, and is excellent for use for extended periods of operation in cold temperatures. In harsh climates, the alkaline batteries in the TX6U may be replaced with Lithium batteries for extended low temperature operation.

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