La Crosse Technology WT-5110U Atomic Projection Alarm Clock with Indoor Temperature and Humidity



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La Crosse Technology WT-5110U Atomic Projection Alarm Clock with Indoor Temperature and Humidity

The La Crosse Technology WT-5110U displays very accurate time, indoor temperature and indoor humidity (rare in a projection clock) on it's large LCD display.  In addition, the WT-5110U projects an alternating pattern of time on the ceiling or wall.

La Crosse Technology WT-5110 Atomic Projection Alarm Clock

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The La Crosse WT-5110U is attractively finished in silver with black trim.

Of course, like all La Crosse Atomic Clocks, the WT-5110U receives timing information from the U.S. Atomic Clock source, transmitted by the U.S. Commerce Department's  transmitter near Boulder Colorado. You know the time will always be accurate, plus, the time can automatically adjust for Daylight Savings Time. 

The time projection display projects continuously when the included AC adapter is used.

The front LCD display has LED backlights that can be momentarily illuminated by depressing the snooze button.  

When operating on batteries alone (without the AC adapter), touching the snooze button also activates the projected display.  

The La Crosse WT-5110U has single alarm functionality, with a snooze function.  The clock may be set for a single time, enabled or disabled.  When the alarm sounds, pressing the snooze button will silence the alarm for 10 minutes, at which time it will sound again.  It does not have dual alarm functionality, where a second time can also be programmed for use on other days of the week.


  • Clock displays hours (12 hour), minutes and seconds
  • Indoor Humidity (%RH) 
  • Indoor Temperature (F) 
  • Projects Time on Wall or Ceiling in Easy to Read Numbers 
  • Projection & Arm Rotate for Proper Viewing 
  • Automatic Focus of Projection 
  • Atomic Time with Manual Setting 
  • Automatically Updates for Daylight Saving Time (On/Off Option) 
  • 12 Hour Time Display 
  • Time Zone Setting (12 zones, from GMT west to 2 zones West of Hawaii)  
  • Time Alarm with Snooze 
  • LED Backlight 
  • Free Standing 
  • AC Power Adapter Included 
  • Actual Size: 3.6" x 5.52" x 1.9" 


  • Digit size, Hours, Minutes 9/16" high, Temperature, Humidity, 7/16", seconds, 3/8"
  • Indoor Humidity Range: 1% to 99% 
  • Indoor Temperature Range: 14F to 99.9F 
  • Projection Arm Rotates Up to 90 
  • Transmission Range: Up to 80 Feet 
  • Transmission Frequency: 433.92 MHz 
  • Power Requirements: 
    Clock: 2 "AA" Alkaline Batteries and/or AC Power Adapter (AC adapter included)

Notes:  This clock is intended for use in the 48 contiguous U.S. States, and Southwestern Canada.  Outside of this area, the clock can be set manually, but the signal will likely be too weak to reliably set the clock.

Like all Atomic clocks, the auto setting feature relies on the reception of a radio signal.  This signal can be interfered with by computers, lamp dimmers, other sources of electronic noise, bad weather conditions, and certain types of building construction.  In most locations, the signal will be received often enough that the time display will remain quite accurate.  There is a possibility, however, that DST time changes may not occur immediately if the location or weather are unfavorable.

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