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La Crosse Technology WT-5360U 
Atomic Projection Alarm Clock

The La Crosse Technology WT-5360U is a highly accurate atomic alarm clock, with large digits, indoor temperature display, and a projector which projects the time in red numbers on the wall or ceiling. 

La Crosse Technology WT-5360 Projection Clock

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The La Crosse Technology WT-5360U is finished in a silver gray titanium finish.  The display includes time of day in 12 hour format, and indoor temperature.

The LCD display of the WT-5360U displays time in 12 or 24 hour format with digits 5/8" tall.  Below, seconds, the indoor temperature, day and date, or alarm time may be displayed in 3/8" digits.  The display has a momentary LED backlight activated by the snooze button for viewing in the dark. 

The projector of the WT-5360U may be turned up,  or pointed forward or back to project the time on the wall or ceiling.  The actual projected time image can be rotated in 90 degree increments so that the projected time is correctly oriented regardless of the position of the clock.  


  • Indoor Temperature (F or C) 

  • Adjustable Projection Arm 

  • Automatic Focus of Projection 

  • Projects Time on Wall or Ceiling in Easy to Read Numbers (the projected image can only be seen in the dark)

  • Projection brightness is adjustable 

  • Projection & Arm Rotate for Proper Viewing 

  • Atomic Time and Date with Automatic or Manual Setting 

  • 3 Modes of Day/Second Display 

  • Automatically Updates for Daylight Saving Time (On/Off Option) 

  • 12 or 24 Hour Time Display 

  • Time Zone Setting (Can be set for any of 24 time zones including GMT) 

  • U.S. Time Zone Map 

  • Time Alarm with Snooze 

  • LED Backlight 

  • Free Standing 

  • AC Power Adapter Included (2 AA backup batteries are optional, not included)

  • Dimensions, approx. 4.5" wide, 3.75" high, 2" deep

The WT-5360U calibrates itself to the world's most accurate clock every night by receiving WWVB 60 kHz radio transmissions. These transmissions contain time information from the U.S. atomic clock source, operated by the U.S. Commerce Department and located near Boulder, Colorado. The built-in antenna ensures reliable signal reception up to 2000 miles (3200km) from the WWVB transmitter. A radio tower and waves icon above the time display in the LCD panel indicates successful reception of the time-synchronization signal.

Like any radio receiver, however, the WT-5360U may not be able to receive the signal if it is in a building with a lot of steel in the structure, near computers or other electrical equipment that may generate interference, or if the weather is unsuitable. The signal it receives does not propagate well during the day. That's the nature of the signal, not the clock. These clocks are designed to catch the signal when they can, generally in the middle of the night, calibrate themselves, and then run quite accurately for days if necessary until they can catch another signal. When you first put batteries in the clock, it will most likely not set itself until the middle of the night. That's normal. By morning, weather permitting, it should be correct. Under less than ideal conditions, signal reception and calibration can take a few days. Also, Daylight Saving Time changes may not be made the first night if the location and weather are not favorable.

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